What We Do

iGames works with leading game publishers, technology companies, and online media outlets to engage millions of consumers worldwide. With nearly two decades of experience, iGames has managed the growth of a multitude of communities using specialized marketing tools. Our technology simplifies the complexity of keeping consumers engaged, helping businesses become more efficient and profitable. Through executing measurable campaigns, we help you increase your bottom line.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a community lead, an agency or a brand manager looking to reach your target audience in this fiercely competitive economy, we're here to help.

Featured Projects

GeForce Events

Briinging the fun of live events such as PAX and E3 to gamers in their home town..
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Alienware Arena

Providing a friendly and knowledgeable community for all PC gamers.
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LAN Centers

Uniting LAN Centers Around the World.
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eSports Education

Developing eSports programs in support of education, by educators
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