iGames specializes in community marketing tools for the gaming and technology industries with a broad range of services.

Since 1996, iGames has been working with leading game publishers, hardware vendors, consumer goods companies and online media outlets to engage millions of gamers.  iGames has supported the creation and growth of community venues from Dell's Alienware Arena to the network of numerous LAN centers throughout the world.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a community lead, an agency or a brand manager looking to make a difference in this fiercely competitive industry, we're here to help.

Community Philosophy

Engage users with powerful content and give them the tools to organically interact with that content and other community members.


Move Away From Passive Engagement / Allow Users To Contribute With iGamesCS
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Alienware Arena

Providing a friendly and knowledgeable community for all PC gamers.
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LAN Centers

Uniting LAN Centers Around the World.
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Strategic Tactics To Activate And Build A Relationship With your Community
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