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Alienware, a PC gaming hardware brand and a subsidiary of Dell, needed to engage new gamers while maintaining a continued relationship with Alienware owners and the overall PC gaming community. With the iGames Community Service Platform (iGCS), Alienware is able to run activities that engage and attract thousands of gamers on a weekly basis on By working with iGames and their partners, Dell is able to maintain a direct relationship with brand loyalists that make Alienware and Dell purchases. With over 4 million registered gamers, Alienware Arena provides Alienware’s partners a unique platform to reach PC gamers by leveraging tools offered by iGCS and iGames Event Marketing Services to create promotional giveaways, contests, product launches and sweepstakes.

iGames is a valued partner and has played an integral role in the success of our Alienware Arena online gaming community. Their contributions have fueled enormous growth and appreciation in our global membership.”                

-Claudina Lopez, Marketing Senior Manager, Dell North America



Dell needed a cost-effective live event solution to survey attendees and capture new leads for strategic planning purposes. Through using the iGames Live App, Dell achieved its strategic goals by running surveys and contests on the application, allowing them to seamlessly capture over 7,000 new leads over a 3-day period. Post-event, Dell generated quantifiable data and was able to develop a customized marketing plan tailored for each category of attendees.

"The iGames Live App was incredibly quick and easy to use, which was essential when collecting data at live events. The iGames team was very efficient and helpful in providing us daily updates on the progress and support in setting up the app. We would happily recommend the app to others needing to run data capture exercises in a live and busy environment.”

-Hendrik Berkhof, Merchandising Manager, Dell EMEA



Starting in 2000, NVIDIA embarked on a new initiative with iGames to promote graphic cards to gamers at LAN centers worldwide. Since then, NVIDIA has utilized iGames’ Event Marketing Services for on-site marketing initiatives such as NVISION and GAME24, NVIDIA’s Maxwell GPU worldwide launch event. As part of GAME24 iGames was the lead coordinator for North American LAN center events. iGames organized support for a series of E-Sports and casual competitions held at 3 LAN center locations, with game play and in-center footage streamed globally. Despite a short time table, NVIDIA’s GAME24 Program was a success and exceeded expectations with discussions for executing similar programs in the future in progress.

"The iGames team was instrumental to the success of NVIDIA’s GAME24 North American game center events. From our early planning stages through follow-up, I was impressed with the depth of communication, attention to detail, and commitment towards event execution."

-Eric Chen, Regional Marketing Manager, NVIDIA



iGames works with game publishers and hardware companies to sponsor Game Showcases at LAN centers every month, many of which are independently owned and colleges that have opened a game room at their campuses. These showcases allow LAN centers to promote new games both online and in store. As a member of iGames, LAN centers receive exposure on (home to 4+ MM gamers). Furthermore, select locations receive exclusive opportunities to participate in partner promotional activities. GAME24, our most recent promotion, was held at three LAN centers.

“iGames has given the CCSU Student Center the opportunity to provide students with interactive gaming in a fun, competitive environment. With the support of the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG), we host tournaments and award prizes to the winning students. Currently, we want to expand our interactive gaming options as we have had much success with our Xbox 360 units. Thank you iGames!”

-Tiffany Moffo Simpson, Assistant Director for Student Center Services, Central Connecticut State University


“Having iGames as our partner that liaisons with publishers, developers and manufactures has opened doors for us. The iGames staff is always friendly, experienced and professional."

-Zack Johnson, Founder/Owner of eBash Video Game Centers



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