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Move Away From Passive Engagement Allow Users To Contribute With iGamesCP

iGames Community Platform (iGamesCP)

iGamesCP is a Community as a Service solution that allows companies to drive interaction among the comuster and community unlike any of the standard solutions available today.

Community Rewards

Reward users for their loyalty and activity to help grow your customer base and community.

Community Interaction

Our community module allows users to share and intereract with a number of different content vehicles including:

  • News
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Forums

Acquisition Tools

  • Giveaway Distribution: Offer product keys to users to garner their interest and gain exposure.
  • Deal Distribution: Offer special digital deals to entice users to pay and play.
  • Social Login (Single Sign-On): Quick and easy login tool with Facebook and Twitter.

Promotions Tools

  • Sweepstakes: Run random drawing sweepstakes to highlight and promote your or partners products.
  • Contests: Develop contests to award prizes to users who support the community with the best content.

Drive Customer Acquisition And Build Your Offline Events With iGamesLive


A multi-use application developed by iGames to help run event activities and promotions while collecting valuable user data.

Event Programs

Visitor Sign-In Kiosks - activate event guests into registered and paying customers.

Software Trials & Surveys - allow users to demo your product and evaluate the features.

Sweepstakes/Contests - draw customers with the chance to win great prizes.

eSports - competitions to drive multiplayer aspects of the game.

Multi-Product/Partner Program

Increased Audience Size - Like a scavenger hunt, kiosks will be located in multiple locations driving participants to the next product station or partner booth to complete the bigger goal program.


Move Away From Passive Engagement / Allow Users To Contribute With iGamesCP 
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